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Originally Posted by Tom Koh View Post

-I installed the clip as the B&M instrcutions but once the new shifter is in, the plastic ball shell which is reused would come back up and out with a little pressure. I rotated the plastic tabs so that they were underneath the part of the metal shell that has a lip for retention, but it would still come out. The instructions from B&M call for you to 'hammer' the plastic in but that didnt do the trick. Not a huge issue just so long as you dont pull up on your shift knob.
Nice write up, reminds me of when I installed my B&M!

I think you're going to run into an issue with the above quote though....if you can pop the shifter back out of the linkage, it will eventually come out in your hand after a hard shift or a bump and you'll be screwed. When I installed mine I had the same issue at first but kept playing with the plastic collar and twisting it and tapping it down until I couldn't pull the thing out. Even still, I was worried it might pop out eventually.
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