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Originally Posted by sparoz View Post
I had a 6 year old E46 318i from Brisbane. Once it's washed, it always looks like new. Just that on closer inspection there's all the swirls and holograms. That goes the same for the 120D - 2 and a bit years old.

Now, when I sold my Mazda 3 - had it for 2 years - no protection, never waxed. It still looks like new after I wash it. On closer inspection, there ain't too much swirls, but it's there.

Clear coat does amazing things.
Yea, especially when u re-apply reviver every 6 month, the paint works seems more reflective and minor swirl marks are covered up.

I guess if u wash ur car quite regularly, u will end up with swirl marks. That is way im thinking about buff the swirl marks out but not sure what effect it will have on paint protection.
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