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Originally Posted by akak1997 View Post
hmm... I just finish reading the detail section for 135 installation kit. It seems like it is what Mr. 5 did with his install, where he send in his stock diff, have them separate the welded ring gear then send it back to him for install. So there might be a long down time involve.

Besides, HPA is doing this also, ~$2000 for the completely assembled Diff + 800 core charge. So there's no down time. Unless Wavetrac is offering a better pricing, I might just go with HPA.
HPA and Wavetrac are working together.

You buy your final drive unit from HPA, then send you a complete unit with the Wavetrac diff installed and charge you a $800 core fee. You spend a Saturday swapping it our in your car, send back your core, get your $800 refund. Sounds like for ~$2000 and a Saturday of labor you will have LSD in the 135 right?