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Update on HPFP failure - advice needed

Hi and happy 2010 to all fellow SA 1 addicts out there!

Back in September 2009 I posted a thread regarding suspected HPFP failure with some similar symptoms as described by numerous members on this forum. There was however a slight twist to the scenario as there was no visible error indication on the instrument panel and the car did not enter limp mode. Performance was way down with terrible throttle response and massive turbo lag.

I have been struggling with Northcliff Auto’s Workshop all this time to get my car repaired.

Long story short, after 3 return visits and many arguments over an 8 month period, I managed to get a PUMA case opened on 22 December 2009. After two weeks of waiting for my car, the HPFP and pressure regulator was replaced on Tuesday 5 Jan 2010, at last!

They were then instructed by BMWSA’s technical advisor, to use onboard diagnostic equipment and to take readings on the road under normal driving conditions. The tests revealed that the HPFP was producing 220 milli bars less than the recommended pressure. According to them this disparity is not enough for the ECU to log an error code and hence the reason for them not being able to locate the fault previously with their standard workshop equipment……

Now after the repair I find that throttle response has been resorted to pre failure levels but there seems to be quite a bit of lag when I pull off fast or accelerate hard. The car definitely feels sluggish compared to pre failure conditions when it was new in April 2009.

Is this normal after HPFP replacement and will the ECU adapt itself back to pervious response levels after a few days of driving or is there something else wrong with my 1er?
Can anyone recommend where I can go for a second opinion?