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Thanks for your detailed response gmza!
The info you provided is most appreciated.
I am experiencing great difficulty with my dealer as they are not forthcoming with any technical info I request. Can you recommend a good dealer in this regard?

BTW, has anybody here had vacuum tubes, injectors or cams replaced under warranty yet? Oh, dont forget the HPFP.
I was confidentially informed by a very reliable source within the BMW dealer chain that all these items on our cars are problematic and need to be replaced at some point as they eventually fail and cause performance related issues on the N54 engine. Apparently dealers are instructed to withhold this info from clients. My source has further revealed that they have had numerous cases of the above and those replacements are only done upon failure (PUMA case has to be initiated) thus no up front replacement.
These issues are clearly design blunders which they will not openly admit to. So Guys, make sure that you get these parts replaced under motor plan otherwise you will need to fork out some serious cash!