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I installed v2.0 upgrade (got the new G3 box from the beta test). I didn't route the usb cable to the cabin yet, as I'm scheduling a dealer visit soon for HPFP replacement (and I'm lazy).

Anyways, finally get a chance to let the car adapt and test out Map 3 on v2.0. It is CRAZY. Coming from a v1.3 chip, this is So Much better there aren't words to describe it. The car doesn't seems to make more power, maybe just a bit, but the smoothness is incredible! on v1.3, power comes on right on cue at 3000rpm, and on 1st and 2nd it is so abrupt the rear wheels just spins. In v2.0 the power comes on smooth from start, so it makes the car accelerate so much faster and without that much lost of traction. 2nd gear is so damn fast, it's borderline scary. I've KW V3 and I have not changed the suspension settings but I feel like the car squat MORE when accelerating in 2nd.

Another impressive thing is the car behaves so much better than before during slow or Stop and go traffic. Before, going from 1st to 2nd is a pita since there seems to be a lost of power during the change, so either I've to stay at 1st till 3-4000rpm before the shift to get some descent acceleration on 2nd or shift way early and let 2nd gear do all the work. but now, even shifting ~2000rpm to 2nd, the car continues to accelerate.

Good Job Terry!