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Originally Posted by MadMan77 View Post
I just spent the $325 for the compact spare with the insert (jack, tire iron, wheel chock) from the 550i. I got it from Tischer.

The only way you are going to get a space-saving spare for less is to find a wrecked 550i out there and grab its spare.
I tried look for 2004+ 5 series on junkyards and had no luck everywhere. doubt I'll find a 2008+ 550i out on the wrecked lot. Good to know the 550i spare works.

Originally Posted by WhiteOne View Post
If it is not a blowout, you can keep adding air untill you get it fixed.
When was the last time you had a blow out?
I occaisionally pick up a screw or nail. When I notice them, I get them fixed.
No way am I lugging around a jack & tire...
I was always afraid to drive around with a puncture on the tire.

Originally Posted by pkcormier View Post
I picked up a donut spare from bavarian used parts for about $75. Added a scissor jack for another $15. I only use it when I'm driving around with my track tires on. Just about any used bmw parts dealer will have them.
What offset and size of the donut you got?