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▀▄ eas - TyreGuardian - Puncture Control System


We've got a new product to keep your mind at ease during those long road trips.

TyreGuardian is an innovative concentrated liquid compound easily installed though the tire valve after the removal of the tire valve core/stem. After installation, simply drive the vehicle a few miles allowing the tire rotation to distribute the product evenly throughout the inside of the tire. Now, all porosity, bead, and rim leaks are sealed for the full legal life of the tire, or up to five years.

Once a tire has been treated with TyreGuardian the compound creates a thin liquid film on the inside of the treated tire which provides a barrier that maintains tire pressure and creates a complete air tight container within the tire and tire rim. Optimum tire pressure is maintained for the full legal life of the tire, and results in better tire performance, improved fuel mileage, and increased safety.

In the event of a puncture, the pressurized air inside the tire trying to escape will immediately draw TyreGuardian to the source of the leak and seal the hole created by the puncture, regardless if the puncturing object is removed or not. The seal is permanent, the tire does not need to be removed and repaired, and eliminates the need for the driver to make immediate stops to check the tire. After installation TyreGuardian remains dormant inside the tire until a puncture activates it. The TyreGuardian Puncture Protection System prevents the most common automobile disabler - a tire puncture. A concentrated, latex-based liquid, TyreGuardian is easily installed in minutes. Once installed, your tires are protected against tire punctures in the tread area for the life of the tire! This level of protection eliminates the dangers of changing a tire at the side of busy highways and eliminates the waiting inherent in roadside assistance plans.

TyreGuardian is the puncture protection system of choice for international rally teams and automotive enthusiasts from around the world. Designed to quickly and easily treat any tire, TyreGuardian provides a revolutionary solution to a time consuming, often costly, and sometimes dangerous problem - the flat tire.

TyreGuardian Puncture Protection System delivers many benefits over the alternatives:
- TyreGuardian is installed prior to a puncture, and is dormant until a puncture occurs
- No messy hands, no dangerous jacks to deal with, no inattentive drivers to dodge
- TyreGuardian is easier, cleaner, and safer, than changing a flat tire with a spare tire
- No need to get out and change the tire on a dangerous roadside
- TyreGuardian is activated when a puncture occurs, and seals the puncture
- Increased fuel efficiency due to less weight (you can remove your spare)
- Increased fuel efficiency due to optimal tire pressure with no maintenance
- TyreGuardian seals the pores that naturally exist in rubber tires

TyreGuardian™ creates a latex-based inner seal that bonds with the tire, sealing all pores and holes.
- Seals tire punctures in the tread area of the tire while the vehicle is being driven
- Seals holes made by puncturing objects up to 1/4” (6 mm) diameter in tubeless tires
- Seals holes made by puncturing objects up to 1/8” (3 mm) diameter in tube tires
- Lightweight, prevents rust, seals porosity leaks, does not affect tire or rim properties
- Extends tire life by maintaining tire pressure, tire balance, and reducing heat buildup
- One liter fills roughly 4 to 8 typical automobile tires depending on tire size - visit the online calculator to determine how much TyreGuardian each of your tires will need

TyreGuardian AutoSUV (1000ml), Treats 4-8 tires, installation in 10 minutes

TyreGuardian - Puncture Control System for Auto/SAV

If you have any questions in regards to the product above, feel free to contact me directly via PM, email, this thread, or simply just give us a call.