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Commercial Sales Gripe

OK, let me vent a bit.

I would appreciate it if all those who run businesses selling stuff on-line would emulate the big boys (Amazon etc) and install in your order processing systems a flag device that alerts buyers UP FRONT when an item you are featuring IS REALLY NOT IN STOCK. I really hate paying my money, planning an install perhaps - only to go back to the website when I have not heard anything in a while and see my order laying there ON BACKORDER. In many cases my CC has already been dinged for the full amount because a lot of you selling here are apparently undercapitalized and can't exist actually paying for your own inventory. I mean come on - this isn't a SPECIAL ORDER - it's stuff you are featuring and trying to sell to ME...

Even in cases where my funds have not been taken - I'm just waiting in the dark thinking stuff is in process, on the way and should be arriving soon.

How would you like to go to a restaurant, have the waiter take your order and then just sit there for an hour or so? Finally you ask about your food and they tell you - "Oh, we're all out of that. Hope to have it again tomorrow..."

No names here - just a desperate plea...