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-Screw in my tire! Fixed with Tyre Guardian

Its happened to most of us, and it turns out that it's my turn for the dreaded screw in tire failure! I noticed my TPMS warning kept coming on, so I checked my tires and found the culprit:

Luckily for me, we just started carrying a new product called Tyre Guardian, so I figured I would give it a shot, rather than patching the hole. Tyre Guarding had an insanely impressive display at Sema, were they were actually drilling into tires, stabbing them, hammering nails into them etc.

The kit comes with the Tyre Guardian fluid, hose, and valve stem removal tool

Step 1: Remove valve stem with supplied tool, and let the air out of the tire:

Step 2: Attach hose to valve stem

Step 3: Fill with the designated amount of fluid indicated on the bottle

Step 4: Refill tire with air and you are done!

I have been driving on the tire now for over a week, and have had no problems at all! no more TPMS failure light either