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hey guys,

at @ri, i havent narrowed my choices down ive given my side on the s3 cause its points ive picked up, thats why im asking on a bmw forum to see if i havent missed anything on the 130

@ freak, Yes I am looking at the four door, a new coup is out of the question which is sad and im not to much of a fan of the 4 door hatch! but that engine in the 130 is a beaut! not to sure on space comparison between the s3 and the 130? I test drove a 130 and it was an amazing drive, linear power, great sound so again, mixed feelings on both cars! The 135 is in a different league to the s3! No doubt about that, you def made the right choice

@ gm, I know what you mean against the a3 2.0T. I kept up neck in neck with an a3 3.2 but the 2.0T just ran away. You mentioned another big point, the altitude loss.. If i lived at the coast i would definitely keep the 1'er. Its a machine down there! slipping the tail out in the car is hard but it can be done. ill always miss that but when i get a bit older and have more $$ ill definitely return. I test drove an a4 2.0T (155kw) today to check out the differences between the multitronic and S tronic gearbox. What a piece of crap. It hesitates on launch and is not nearly as smooth as the S-Tronic. Funny you mention the chipping problem with the gearbox. I called a contact I have at Sportech and he told me that he refuses to chip a multitronic gearbox beacuse it just eats itself. I asked him about the S-Tronic gearbox and he said it should be fine because the gearbox is a lot stronger. Seems like you loved your audis at one stage. Do yourself a favour and go test drive the new Haldex system. The 60/40 split to the rear is MUCH better.

sorry, quick edit to add: I also organised a proposed deal on the 130. That would explain the next paragraph

Guys I havent made my choice yet, the 130 is still a huge contender. 200Kw, RWD and lets face it, nothing feels like a bmw. Im going to keep this car for a very long time and I think the 130 will definitely age better.

If only a 335 was on the shorter end of the price range.
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