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Hello, I noticed your amp is installed under the floor mat. Its a clean install great work. I am researching options for my car right now and I have had amps in the past the produce intense heat. Do you have any concerns of your amp overheating or causing an issue? I have been reading several reviews on the Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-1 300 Watt Mono Amplifier, it claims to be a cool running amp. I just don't know how that will work out if I put it in that unventilated space. I was thinking maybe I would try to hang it from the top of the trunk. IDK yet, maybe I am just being paranoid. I love that awesome sealed enclosure. I hope the guy who makes those is still in business. I was thinking so far I would match the RF amp with a kicker COMP-v or maybe a MTX thunder sub. Not sure yet. My layout is budget friendly. I was planning on using a high to low converter for the mono sub input. Any thoughts before I start making blue print and buying my stuff?