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I thought I would post this here... bc if JimD's wonderfull DIY oil change. When I first started searching for a DIY oil change... JimD's was the only one I found. So I am posting my 135i DIY oil change pics here. I hope you don't mind JimD.

I don't think I need to write much... I will just post the pics with some helpfull hints.

under the hood of a 135i...

Once the car is jacked up safely and you placed your saftey jack stands... open the access pannel with a flat blade screw driver. You turn the screw 180' to open it.

135i oil drain plug/bolt. The oil will shoot out towards the passenger side of the car.

I used a 17mm 1/2 drive ratchet to remove the drain plug. It should take too much to crack it open. When reinstalling the drain bolt I don't go nuts. 30Nm should be fine. The last thing you want is to strip the drain pan threads.

Watch out! Hot oil is shooting out!

Always replace the coper o-ring on the drain bolt. Make sure the old one doesn't stick onto the oil pan!

Remove the old cartridge filter element - after the oil has drained.

I let the olf oil filter sit like this for a few minutes to let the excess oil drain away - before I remove the cartridge.

Always replace the small and large O-rings on the filter housing. You can use a pick tool to remove the O-rings, but ALWAYS install new O-rings by hand. So as not to damage the new O-rings. Put some oil on the the O-rings too! So they do not bind going back on.

I like to suck out any left over oil inside of the oil filter housing. Before.

And... after!

New filter going on...

I use some Brake kleen to wash away any spilt old oil from around the filter housing area.

Add seven quarts of your favorite motor oil(as long as its BMW LL1 (long Life 1) specs) and you are done!

Hope you enhoyed my photos.


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