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Really excellent shots David! I did this myself last weekend. As another poster suggested, I stuck the access plate up in the hole in the underbody pan to shunt the oil down into the pan. Unfortunately, I was too retarded to stick rags on either side of it, so the oil still ran into the pan and made a mess; it dripped off the bottom for a couple of days. I will clean it when I pull the pan off to do the CDV in a couple weeks and the car is on a lift. For now I'll deal with the drips.

I too only added 6 quarts when refilling and the electrodipstick is showing it to be filled to the max. No doubt the extra quart is stuck in the cooler and lines, or didn't drain because of the angle the car was sitting at due to being jacked up.

One thing I would add is that after fitting the O-rings onto the filter element housing, I would smear them with oil to make sure they don't get pinched when you are torquing the cap down.

All in all an unpleasant experience, but it needed done...