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Originally Posted by ianc View Post
Really excellent shots David! I did this myself last weekend. As another poster suggested, I stuck the access plate up in the hole in the underbody pan to shunt the oil down into the pan. Unfortunately, I was too retarded to stick rags on either side of it, so the oil still ran into the pan and made a mess; it dripped off the bottom for a couple of days. I will clean it when I pull the pan off to do the CDV in a couple weeks and the car is on a lift. For now I'll deal with the drips. ianc
Well... to be honest in my quest to document this oil change... I ended up making quite a mess too! :P

I think next time I will use more rags jammed up in the belly pan area.

Good point on putting some oil on the new O-rings. I put that into my post, just now. I always do that too - its just I forgot to write that in my post.

Also... I would suggest to get the biggest oil catch pan you can buy. Those small 12 inch dia pans will do.... but the oil almost overflows that catch pan. I will buy one of those 18inch dia oil catch pans soon.