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Exclamation Achtung! Polizei...

Polizei und Radar Falle

Hi Gang,

Since there are a lot of us here in Germany… and there seems to be a lot of people doing the Euro Delivery program… I thought it would be fun to post some pics of what the Polizei do here to enforce speed control!

I have always liked to collect Polizei models and pictures. These are some from my internet collection. :P

It is always a good idea to know what measures the Polizei use for speed enforcement. Here is my little attempt at educating you guys. Although some of the old timers will most likely know all of this stuff. Please feel free to add any photos you might have as well.

NOTE: Photos from

blitz vogel ( radar bird) yea… it’s a joke! I’ve gotta have some fun!

Typical radar camera, mounted on a tripod. Polizei set it up and retreat into their van to watch the speeder info.

older Blitzer box.

Typical speed camera, inside most German cities/towns.

Mega Blitzer auf die Autobahn!

There will always be a plain jane van near by the radar trap. Typically the Polizei setup their camera’s at an exit/entrance to the autobahn. Or… at a restplatz on the autobahn. Just follow the wires! Lol

Laser pistol



Laser sights...

New digital radar cameras. Sometimes they cover three or four lanes of autobahn! Mainly used in NRW Germany.

Speed camera on top of autobahn bridge. Typically they use two or three cameras. On on top of the bridge. One directly bellow guard rail level, and a third wider shot ontop of the bridge. The wide angle one is usually video too. Not just stills. They also use this setup for tail gaiters: Abstand

This new scanner came out a few years ago, Invented in BS (Braunschwieg I think). It works like a Blitzer… but it uses a laser to scan you front plate and checks your tag in a “wanted” data base. To get on the wanted list it could be for not paying you car tax, no TuV or ASU, No insurance, speeding tickets or outstanding warrants! It works all in a few seconds. And they place a few cops down the road to stop the known offenders.

Mobile blitzer

Unmarked polizei autos. It is VERY hard to spot them! The only real way is to look for two people in the car. That is normally the dead give away. Most times the Autobahn polizie do not wear uniforms. They dress in civies.

Rear shelf camera. The passenger can zoom, and turn the rear camera to record any action. Like when over taking the offender to record who was driving at that time!

Front windshield video camera.

STOP! Polizei!! This is a bad feeling when a car passes in front of you and this message pops up and flashes at you!

Red light or speed camera in town/cities. Most cities will have four or five of these boxes… but only ONE camera! They play a shell game… you don’t know which are empty and which are real! :P

Trash camera! YuP! This one is for real!

Here is the latest digital photo radar camera. Also used up in NRW mostly.

Toys: Playmobil

Real life police cars on the beat…

And finally I think most everyone has seen this Polizei special 123d coupe. It was from the Essen Motor Show 2009, for the Tune It Safe program. 243 Diesel Hp!!!

More Polizei photos here....

Real life German Polizei car photos...