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I posted this before... but I suppose this would fit nicely in here too!

I thought I'd share this...

Near here in Bayreuth, the Polizei are looking for this guy in this Audi A4. It is some Brit who when he see's a Blitz camera he purposely speeds up and gets flashed. BUT... his car is RHD, and he puts a big muppet doll up on the windshield. Apperently the speed cameras are designed to NOT photograph the passengers. SOmething about the lenes they use. Its only setup for LHD cars!

Obscurring the passenger seat goes back to when the Germans first started using photo radar. They use to mail out a letter/ticket along with the offending photo. Apperantly the divorce rate shot up(!), bc many men were caught with their pants down! lol That is why when you get a ticket now, in the mail you must ASK to see the photo. And only the driver can come. lol

Btw... last I heard they were still looking for this Muppet! I have also heard that some people keep a UK car here in Germany and a German plated car in the UK. That way when they get flashed they do not get the ticket unless there is a real cop to stop them!