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Hi Guys,

Yea... the type of polizei cars varries by region. In Bayern they use BMW's and Audi's alot. And of course the cops love their vans. Mostly VW or MB's. Basically it varies by what car factories are in each part of the country. In Frankfurt they drive Opels (bc thats where Opels are built). In the North they drive most VWs. In Stuttgart they drive mostly Mecedes Benz's. And a few Porsches!! Really. In the Koln/Cologne area they drive Fords. So it varies alot.

Basically cops always are paired. So... I never race or do stupid things when I see a car with two people in it. When you are driving at warp speeds on the autobahn you have no chance to spot a unmarked Polizei auto. No way will you see those hidden cameras. Heck... I even saw on German TV the polizei used RV's to see when trucks would pass illegally!!! lol

Btw... one funny thing... some Germans call the cops Bulls. As in "die Bullen" as in cows/bulls. I have even seen a few old VW vans done up in "Bullizei" logos instead of Polizei striips! lol

Here are two cool Porsche Polizei models I saw last weekend at the new Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen/Stuttgart. Enjoy! They were real Polizei service cars. Actually Porsche has always donated a few examples of all thier model lines to the local Autobahn Polizei.

Ok, thats all for now. I don't want you guys to OD on Polizei stuff!