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I test drove one as well. I thought it was nice, thought the power was okay, not as great as the 123d guys make out but I think the extra weight from the X1 and the awd system weighs it down. Also, I found the X1 itself too be too small, maybe not as practical as I would have liked. The backseat is a bit tight and the boot space isn't much better than my 135i. I was going to use this car for work but it doesn't seem like the sensible choice for me. Also, as much as I like BMW I found the X1 awkward from some angles but I know it would grow on me over time. I spec'd one out to nearly 85k so for that money I really need to decide what else is out there. The new X3 looks promising or the current X5 is a good choice too. When I got back into my 135i I realised how much fun factor I was losing in terms of raw power. The X1 handled beautifully in the twisties though.