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Accident damages.

Yea worst nightmare came true. I rear ended someone this weekend. Not so happy about it. Steering wheel and passenger side airbags deployed, front bumper was messed up and the car was steaming after i hit them. Car wouldn't restart and needed to be towed... greeeat. Going to find out tomorrow the total damages once the claims adjuster takes a look.

Main questions are #1 has anyone had a similar accident, what was the total amount of damages? Since my car is DINAN tuned is that going to be lost once they put her all back together?

#2 do they completely replace the steering wheel since the airbag deployed.

I'm trying to see the silver lining here and maybe possibly upgrading a few parts with the insurance money. That wouldn't be any type of fraud would it?

List of visible damages:
1. Cracked windshield, going to need to be completely replaced, cop thought i hit my head and wasn't wearing my seatbelt, honestly no idea why it cracked, but it did. If he only knew that damn annoying sound when the seat belt isn't on and he would know i was wearing it.
2. steering wheel and passenger air bag deployed.
3. Front bumper dislodged and banged up... honestly doesn't look terrible, but my guess will be replaced.
4. Hood dented and painted chipped right below the emblem where it latches.
5. noticed bracket was broken under the hood( i know basically useless info w/o pics.. dont have any right now.. maybe 2morrow.
6. car steamed after hitting, guessing punctured radiator or something to do w/ the radiator.
7. Car wouldnt start.. who knows

all in all ...Today is a sad day.
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