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Originally Posted by larryn View Post
I'd be surprised if that was only $10k. I would have guessed 15.

How did the windshield have an impact up high on the driver's side like that?? It looks like something wound up hitting it from the outside in the accident.

Btw, sorry it happened. They're called 'accidents' for a reason, and I had one that I was at fault with too, back in the day. Best part was that nobody was remotely hurt. I hope you learned a lesson from it, as I did. Also, hope nobody was injured. That looks like it was a good wallop.. like maybe 20-25mph.

yea 10K was the 1st round estimate...we'll see what it all comes out at the End... 20-25 sounds about right. The windshield is still a mystery of why it cracked i dont know if something inside flew around and hit it or what. Right now the most expensive fixes are the Hood, bumper, headlights, steering wheel, airbags, headliner... crazy how it just all keeps adding up and up.

I def am being more careful now. Good thing is am getting the Vorsteiner hood, and BMW Perf. Steering Wheel(non-electronic) out of it. Also have Dinan intake and oil cooler sitting in my garage, can't wait to get my car back and slap those suckers on. Will keep everyone updated.
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