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Originally Posted by deshields View Post
Are you that annoying kid in class that points out every little mistake! Anyways, my mind sometimes drifts to the E39 M5 instead of the V10 E60 M5. Regardless, the point is, V10 or V8 there are two banks of cylinders each with its own need for exhaust. an inline-6 only needs one exhaust line. The quads on the E46 M3 are fake because they are 4 exhaust pipes coming out of one center mounted can.

For the superficiallities amongst us, then I guess an exhaust system is only a layout too look cool, but to the real gear heads here, we know its a joke, the same as a hood scoop for a car with an inline 6 cylinder. Luckily it looks like the majority of the buyers for this car will be the gearheads, the superficial car buyers can stick with their quads in another car
I maintain that they're not fake if exhaust actually comes out of them. Unnecessary, maybe, but not fake. Besides, your car doesn't NEED quads either. It could easily get away with dual pipes - or even a large single pipe. Yet, you put up a picture of your car from the rear, proudly displaying its egregiously unnecessary - and therefore, by your reasoning, "fake" quads.

And yes, I was that annoying kid in class.