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I know this thread has been dormant for a long time, but I can't find any other place talking about DC area dealerships.

I live in DC and I'm trying to decide between dealerships. Back in 2005, I had an okay experience with BMW of Arlington in purchasing but horrible experiences with their service department and follow-up visits.

So I'm in the market for a 135 coupe and I used USAA's no-haggle pricing to introduce myself to area dealers to see who would work with USAA's price (about $500 over invoice). Arlington ignored me, Sterling emailed me back trying to get me in a 2010, and Tischer sent a non-committal email. However, BMW of Annapolis went out of their way (multiple CA's emailed me, I guess to see who i clicked with the most) to be helpful.

So Annap is a good ways away, but they are a lot more amenable to helping me out with an ED order whereas other dealers seem to sigh and shrug and say, "I guess I could order it for you but wouldn't you rather have.....on the lot?"

Went to test drive at Tischer and although the folks there were nice, the CA who helped me spent more time trying "figure me out" than helping me out. Like because I drove up in a hybird I must want a cheap car...he even asked me straight out if I was looking for an economy car or a performance car. Weird.

So after that long pitch, here's my dilemma: Where can I get the best deal (as close to ED Invoice as possible) without a lot of hassle?