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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Originally Posted by SCOTT27
As I can only reveal , the "Obvious term" is ruled out...
The Question you have to ask is what is the "Obvious name"?

Because you will be surprised...

This weekend is a glimpse into the Future for BMW...
From a design point of view of looking at the Past aswell as the Future.

And an interesting vision into electric mobility for the mid-level luxury market...


No Confusion. The second paragraph leaves off from the M1.
In a few hours in Beijing , BMW will unveil two Concepts.
The BMW Echo is an Electric driven 5er Li and the big news of a new Concept Car which relates to the premium sport's luxury segment.

BMW will also introduce a Homage to the BMW 328MM at this weekends Villa D'este. All in all a very exciting weekend for BMW.
I wonder what the significance of Scott saying the "obvious term" has been ruled out means? I think it might mean M1 as a "term". It is the obvious term to me.

He then says the question is what is the "obvious name as in name meaning a word like turbo or coupe or something else.

I think that this is a hint to the fact that the actual name will have the "M" in it as he has said before and an actual word? I may be making a big deal out of nothing....