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Originally Posted by madostrich View Post

I've been thinking of getting a 135i coupe for a long time....and was thinking of a CPO.... because I'm cheap.

First, I found an CPO 08 135i w/ sport, but NO premium for 32K (no grind, online price).

I wasn't too hot on a car w/out the premium package.... so I kept looking.

I found an 09 w/ 6K miles... it had premium and sport, but NO M-sport. 36K, wouldn't budge on the price. No negotiation + No M-Sport = NO SALE.

Then I found a 2010 factory demo w/ 5k miles for 36K. Sport, Premium, Montego Blue on Black Boston Leather.

I didn't pull the trigger because the third car doesn't have M-Sport.

I'm looking to buy.... I realized that I can get WAY better financing (1.9%) if I get a 2010 135i.... and I'm now leaning in that direction over a CPO (standard rates apply to CPO 1series).

This got me onto (AWESOME site BTW) where I can get a NEW 2010 w/ M-Sport and premium (black on red)..... I can get into one for about 40K

So..... my friends... which do you think is the better deal?

an 08 @ 32K, a 2010 w/ 5K miles @ 36K, or a brand-new 2010 for 40K? Is my need for the M-Sport package overrated?????

One last thing.... all are auto transmission.

PPS: i've already told myself that I have to draw the line somewhere, anso I'm not even considering the 2011 w/ DCT.... because I'm Cheap.

Thanks in advance!

Well, if you are really set on having option "X", regardless how good of a deal you could get...DON'T DO IT! You will not be happy in the long run. Out of your options, I'd say wait it out and see if you can find one with the options you want, or if you can swing it, then by all means go for the 2010. Whatever you choose though, be picky and get exactly what you want. You have to look out for number 1. No pun intended.