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Originally Posted by MarkR171 View Post
Isn't that only 500 or so under MSRP?
yeah that's the odd thing.... when I price out a 2011 on BMW USA vs. the numbers I rattled off on the MY2010, the price seems high on the 2010... but the sticker price on the config I mentioned is actually close to 45K.... so relative to MSRP on the 2010, I'm getting a good deal....

Yes, I guess the 2011 looks cheaper, but I need a car now, and don't think I can wait for a DCT 2011 to hit a dealer lot.... I'd be paying very close to MSRP, and the finance rate would be around 3.9% instead of the 1.9% being offered on the 2010.

So.... if I keep the 10K down scenario.

borrow 30K for the 2010 @ 1.9
borrow 32K for the 2011 @ 3.9

I actually pay $1500 more in interest over the 5 year life of the loan and I'm only borrowing 2K more. Not a good deal in relative terms. PLUS, I have yet to hear that DCT is hands-down better than a step, so a guy who's going auto, there is NO difference in the 2010 vs. 2011.

Or am I wrong????? please let me know my fellow beemer fiends!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Thanks so much for letting your passion about aBMW help a total stranger make sense of a very important life decison (after all, a car is probably the second-biggest purchase I'll make in terms of dollar amount).

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