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Originally Posted by jmoretti View Post
Hi brunobm!

I was originally leaning towards the walnut trim too (I had dark burl walnut in my '00 328ci and LOVED it), but under heavy suggestion from folks on this forum, I went with the poplar, and am I glad I did! This trim was made for Savannah Beige! There is light burn swirls in the wood that are pulled out by the beige, and the dark wood looks really good with the black Savannah accents. I have a TON of pictures posted in this post: BEWARE, it'll take a minute to load the page because there are so many pictures. If you would like a specific picture of something I didn't post, let me know and I'll take some pics for you.

Congrats on your purchase! I absolutely love this car, and I am sure you will too.

Thanks for the help!

I just took a look at an AW 128i convertible with savannah beige and light burl walnut and it actually looks pretty good. I'd be comfortable with that, but your pictures just look fantastic and make me like the gray poplar.. I wanted to see this combination personally though, because it looks very different in person (especially because the flash usually ruins it).. the light burl walnut for instance looks a lot darker and classier in person than in pictures..

So confused!