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Wow.... old thread... Well, I bought the 911 C4S with the following options... Can you believe this car stickered for this much money? Unreal...

AH $0 Black Full Leather
Y1 $0 Seal Grey Mettalic
M6A $115 Black Mats - Porsche lettering
680 $795 Bose Digital Sound
692 $715 Remote CD changer (6-disc)
425 $345 Rear wiper
P74 $1090 Xenon Headlamp Package with dynamic leveling and washers
X51 $13990 Carrera Power Kit 345 HP Includes modified cylinder heads, camshafts, exhaust manifolds, control unit, and aluminum intake manifold.
XLF $2400 Sport Exhaust System Two stage exhaust. Includes interior switch between normal exhaust and sport exhaust
342 $410 Heated Front Seats
982 $395 Supple Leather Seats/Trim
XPD $1535 3-Spoke Str Whl-Carbon/Leather: Carbon Fiber finish on steering wheel rim (2.7a). Leather finish on airbag module (2.7b) and hub cover (2.7c).
Y05 $880 Shift Lever/Brake Handle-carbon and aluminum
446 $175 996: Colored Wheel Crests
498 $0 Without rear model designation
CRFT $3825 Brake Caliper In Yellow
CCZ Sport Shifter

So now that I've been driving the C4S for a while, I can't believe I even had to think about it. I know the 135 would have been faster (and much with the chip). But the C4S is just too damn sexy. Also, in day-to-day driving, I can't even feel the difference in hp. But each time I walk up to the car, I keep saying "damn, that looks good". Had I gone with the 135, I would have said "damn, that thing looks girly". I had to follow my wife one day while she was driving the C4S and I couldn't help but keep thinking how awesome it looked with the wide body! The style is "timeless". The 135 is "disposable".

The ride is awesome. It's not "hard" like people think. Our A4 on H&R coil overs is still the stiffest car we own.

LASTLY, with the introduction of the "M" 135, I would have been super pissed right about now that BMW kept saying "it ain't coming, it ain't coming" - but only to say that so that it wouldn't stop people like me from buying the current stock!

So sorry guys... I know this is a 135 forum. But for me, the choice was a good one with zero regrets. Obviously, your personal choice will vary.
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