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I also have been using my leaf blower for 4 years now and it works really well. I have the Stihl as well as a Turbo electric blower that is pretty strong and alway's use the electric one, the gas one i only use for fall leaf cleanups as the cords sometimes do not reach that far...cords are not an issue for me aroud the housef as i use the electric one almost daily for the car..brake dust as well as blowing off water and dust, around the patio, mudroom and deck to clear up debris and the mess the dawgs make---3 golden retrievers LOL...The gas/oil leaf blower for sure is stronger but the electric works just as good for the cars, is lighter, less noisy, and the most important thing is i do not smell from the gas oil mixture fumes the gas blower sends alway's stink after using gas blowers... but agreed....for me a blower was the best all around tool for keeping the house, car, yard clean...i just wish it did not take 30 years for me to figure that out DOH !!!!!