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Originally Posted by mattyv View Post
Tarantino moment-
Joe: Mr. Brown, Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Pink.
Mr. Pink: Why am I Mr. Pink?
Joe: Because you're a ******, alright?
That aside - congrats on the buy and I look forward to seeing what you do to your car. I went with a minimalist spec like you for the same reasons.
Matty: Madonna's "Like a Virgin" is a metaphor for big dicks. Thanks, although this is my daily driver I still wanted to avoid too much heavy crap to reduce performance and I have never been into sunroofs!

Originally Posted by andrew@southernBM View Post
Great News MrBlonde, i will be watching very closely and with great interest as this project goes on. Guys here are wondering what the, who the, MrBlonde is the real deal people, watch and learn a lot, i mean a lot......much respect
Andrew: Thanks so much for your extensive advice and experience, it's really appreciated. I only wish we were in the same state! Southern BM is the place to go for 135 enthusiasts!

Originally Posted by micha3l View Post
Watched the progress of your M Coupe on another forum, cant wait to see what you do with the 135i!
Michael: Thank you, my 1999 BMW M Coupe street/strip car is a whole other kettle of fish! This E82 will be far more tame because I want daily driver reliability and comfort! I'm determined that everything on this car will be bolt on, no custom fabrication!

Originally Posted by Raz0s View Post
... This will be very interesting to see how you mod your 135i step by step... and also a good comparison as I am in the same process. Just recently bought my 135i... im in Sydney aswell. Will be nice to see another persons take on it all.
Matt: Thanks, I also look forward to your build documentation! It's great to see the level of enthusiasm in Australia for these fantastic little cars.
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