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Originally Posted by Raz0s View Post
Hi Mate... I see you have decided to go down the Procede Track... I am curious to wonder why you decided this??? I am coming from a Evo and WRX modification background and normally its recommended to use a ECU Flash not a piggy back. As I am new to learn more about BMW modification who can install Procede in Sydney.. its a shame Southern BM is not in Sydney!
Matt I had a look at the various tuning options available over a few weeks, asked some questions of various people, did a fair bit of research and made up my own mind. There are several good tuning solutions.

Everyone should make up their own mind based on their specific wants and needs.

For the Procede contact Adrian who frequents this forum [adrian@vishnu]. He supplied and installed the Procede on my car in 15 minutes and then spent an hour discussing the setup with me. Nothing is too much trouble for Adrian, he's a gentleman and an expert in Procede, I couldn't recommend him more highly.

You're dead right about SouthernBM and Andrew, it's a damn shame he's based in MEL but good luck to the Victorians on the board for having such easy access to an enthusiastic and knowledgeable E82 tuner!

Look forward to reading more about your project and good luck with selecting a tune.
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