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Originally Posted by Liub View Post
Mate, mind me asking how much the grilles and interior trim cost? That website is a nightmare to navigate!

Michael yes the website is a bit difficult to navigate but I persisted and eventually got it all sussed. My order was successful and there were good savings.

Bearing in mind the prices for supply change often and the exchange rate AUD-STG changes daily I'll list the buy prices below:

+ 51 71 0 441 920 Front grille, black high gloss, right, BMW-Performance 21.24 STG
+ 51 71 0 441 921 Front grille, black high gloss, left, BMW-Performance 21.24 STG

Regarding the interior trim, it depends on if your car is an iDrive vehicle or not so check with the supplier and provide your VIN plus a description (like RHD, no iDrive, etc).

+ 51 16 0 442 909 Carbon Fibre ashtray finisher 24.79 STG
+ 51 16 0 442 908 Carbon Fibre centre console cover 140.44 STG

Then remember you need to add shipping and any customs duty or GST on top. Or not.
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