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The wheels arrived into port yesterday (June 15th). They were scheduled to arrive at our warehouse today. I received a call earlier that the terminal the container is coming through has been shut down by the port while they generate a new code of some kind. This means every container that came off that ship is on hold. I am waiting on a call to find out when this issue is resolved.

We are working on rescheduling the delivery for tomorrow. It may arrive late in the afternoon as I offered to pay the overtime/premium fee to a driver if they're willing to bring it out even at night tomorrow, as I want to avoid all possible delays I have control over. If it comes late tomorrow, then UPS won't pick up until Friday.

These terminal delays happen, and it's a port issue. I'll keep this thread updated every time I get new news. We're ready here to receive the container. It will be broken down, inventoried, and turned around for shipping in a matter of hours. Everyone will receive their tracking numbers the day the wheels arrive.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I apologize for the delays. luckily we are only one, possibly two days off of schedule.

Thank you,

-Eddy Pintacsi

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