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The engine starts were very rough every morning. to the point I thought: "This time it won't start" (sitting in the car, listening to the cranks for several seconds- close to 10 is not a pleasant experience)however once started the rpm was stabile and I didn't get the CEL light. Maybe I am at early stages of what happened to you. What was your mileage went it started happening? my is at about 41500 km
The dealer reset the system and updated the software and said it works fine now. And the BMW won't approve the fuel pump change if the are not fault codes present.

The pain is that reading all the post by others I know exactly what will happen next:
1. I will pick up my car
2. Drive for a week or two
3. Have the problem again
4. Take it back for a repair
5. Hopefully get the pump changed at this occasion.

The problem is that I will be traveling in two weeks time (1350km trip) and if the fault won't occur before, it will most definitely occur during the trip or after and so I will have to take it to the different dealer and explain what was done and what should be the next step (even though they should see it in the system, but its easier to convince same people the second time than convince new people for the first time)
135i Performance