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Originally Posted by JB135MDCT View Post
I think with shims, pads, better rotors, hi-temp fluid and some form of air ducting might work with oem calipers.

Bradford, Any chance you can make some simple measurements to see if a stoptech rotor can fit with oem calipers? I now the diameter is larger but that can be turned down. How do the offsets/thickness compare between the 2 rots? Thanks.
The problem with the OEM calipers is that the throat is too narrow. You simply can't get a rotor with sufficient thermal mass in there. The Stoptechs would be too thick. I don't have the exact specs on the OEM throat width but it is very visible looking at the OEM rotor. It's a decent diameter at 13.3" but it's skinny as hell. Looks like a record - makes the Stoptech one look like a manhole cover.

If you want to stick with the OEM setup (I sure didn't want to drop the 3 Gs on Stoptechs, but I'm a very aggressive track driver) your best bet is good fluid, Ti plates, try to stuff a duct in there (not really an option for me on a daily driven car that needs to be able to parallel park and still fit 245mm R-comps up front), and remove the OEM dust shields (or trim them and fashion a flange to use with the ducts to deliver air to the center of the rotor)