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Originally Posted by bradford View Post
The problem with the OEM calipers is that the throat is too narrow. You simply can't get a rotor with sufficient thermal mass in there. The Stoptechs would be too thick. I don't have the exact specs on the OEM throat width but it is very visible looking at the OEM rotor. It's a decent diameter at 13.3" but it's skinny as hell. Looks like a record - makes the Stoptech one look like a manhole cover.

If you want to stick with the OEM setup (I sure didn't want to drop the 3 Gs on Stoptechs, but I'm a very aggressive track driver) your best bet is good fluid, Ti plates, try to stuff a duct in there (not really an option for me on a daily driven car that needs to be able to parallel park and still fit 245mm R-comps up front), and remove the OEM dust shields (or trim them and fashion a flange to use with the ducts to deliver air to the center of the rotor)
Assume you have stoptechs up front and oem rear?

Can you elaborate on shield mods without using air pipe? Remove completely or just lower half?

Iv'e seen a 300zx with air guides/funnels mounted to control arms. Anybody try this?