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Originally Posted by BMW Dreamer View Post
Very nice, sounds like the $875 Premium Hi-Fi is worth getting, especially since its OEM.
I have to say that for $875 the HK system in the 1 is just okay. For the most part it is worth it, but I am comparing the HK system on my New 128i to the premium auido system in my 2008 528xi and it's night and day. The system in the 528 blows the HK system on the 1 right out of the water. Yes there is a decent amount of low end and volume, but no matter how I EQ it the high end clarity is just not there. The logic 7 processing isn't as robust either. I'm glad I got it because the base system on the 1 is really only suited to listening to talk radio, but I have to say that I am disapointed to say the least.