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Hi pechs2k,

Give me the sales pitch from powerchip... I want to know what they say that is bad.

Autotune has been one of the greatest features we have released. Customers cars are running better, and they don't need to work out how to optimise the tune. We have NO reliablity issues ever with several thousand Procedes out there, and cars are running safer and better on average with Autotune. Tell them to show me one car that has reliability issues with a Procede let alone with Autotune which is more safe.

You will regret getting the Powerchip... or you may not if you get the Procede!!


steak knives! nice... .

all honesty, fear uncertainty and doubt better known as FUD.

call david at peak performance and he will give you the reasons why. if you manage to dispell his comments re the powerchip product and articulate it here - then give me a PM and i'll place an order for the procede straight away!

also - where can i get the dump pipe and CAI from locally (sydney)

autotune - how does that work, from the read, you can set to map 1, map 2 etc and aside from the power increase, is there any digital interface to indicate the procede is on?