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Originally Posted by pechs2k View Post
steak knives! nice... .

all honesty, fear uncertainty and doubt better known as FUD.

call david at peak performance and he will give you the reasons why. if you manage to dispell his comments re the powerchip product and articulate it here - then give me a PM and i'll place an order for the procede straight away!

also - where can i get the dump pipe and CAI from locally (sydney)

autotune - how does that work, from the read, you can set to map 1, map 2 etc and aside from the power increase, is there any digital interface to indicate the procede is on?
Hi Pechs2k.

Peak have dealt with our products before, but not for a LONG time. The product has improved so much in that time, but even back then it was by far the best tune at that time. Maybe Peak is comparing with the old Procede stuff? Either way, I am not about to call him and argue over tunes.

I can supply the Vishnu DCI (dual cone intake), and I can also supply dump pipe through Andrew@SouthernBM.

Autotune uses the CAN bus to monitor the levels of detanation from stock DME using knock sensors and adjusts the tune based on that. It first works wth ignition, and then if that does not give enough Authority it works woth boost. It works very well.

My 135I went from 192kW ATW to 239kW ATW with Procede only. that is a 45-50kW increase which is alot more than PowerChip. With dumpipes I now have 263kW ATW. Fuel economy for me is similar to stock for my normal driving.

Wait till you see the new firmware I have been working on tonight with new guages!!