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Jarrad took me for a spin in his 335 not long ago and that thing is crazy fast! I hope that one day my car is that fast

Originally Posted by xsboost View Post
I'd never run a powerchip or even an inferior JB3 on my N54 because of its inability to control timing.

Been running a procede for a couple years now and the car hasn't missed a beat (touch wood). The canbus integration really is that impressive - I'm also looking forward to loading up the latest firmware with A/F and meth in-dash guages. It's also good to see Vishnu have finally updated their software interface!

Mines a daily driver with full stg 3 bolt ons, vishnu meth kit and pushes 17.5-18psi

I have found though (also the guys in europe) that our fuel is better than the US, so our cars tend to autotune higher - so I have to limit the max threshold to keep things in check.