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While the ol tail lights were being attended to. I test drove the X1 Diesel tt with a view of it replacing my aging Liberty Turbo.
Liked the size and while I did not throw it around, the handing seemed good and ride wad okay. if slightly jiggley. The power in its narrow power band was fair, but it was goddam noisy (particularly at idle) and the gearbox and engine were, um , uncooperative. It tried too often to hold to tall a gear and was as subtle as a train wreck when prodded for grunt. Ah, but its adaptive the sales man said. So what if you have already missed the gap you were aming for. Maybe next time....

A manual would be nicer I suspect, but not available in the bigger engines. At about $75K the value I guess is in the eye of the beholder. I suspect the old Lib will have to soldier on for a little while yet.
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