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Got to check out a 6MT E92 Procede V4 car last week (also had afe intake and upgraded diverter valves). Power delivery (as a passenger) seemed smoother than JB3 for sure. But overall pull did not feel as hard. Yes, I wasn't driving, but I am comparing the pull to being a passenger in my JB3 2.0 135i. Granted, this car was a 6MT and a 3 series, vs my less hefty 135i w/ more aggressive gearing because its an automatic.

Not an apples to apples comparison by any means, but just saying...

FWIW, I am borrowing a Procede V4 latest autotune and I am going to put it in my old (white) 135i that my mother is current driving.

Then, I will do some runs vs my identical black 135i w/ JB3. Both cars are coupes with steptronic, so that will be a true apples/apples comparison that I don't think we've really seen.

Will post videos to show all.

Additionally, there is nothing I hate more than the whining babies on this forum going back and forth about jb3 vs procede.... I'm just saying...