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Originally Posted by The__J__Factor View Post
Its funny i thought they looked terrible in pics, but in real life i think they are amazing. Bmws best looking suv.

Dont see why anyone would need anything bigger then that around town.
Babies and their attachments - so I was told. All my friends who has kids have X5s.

Originally Posted by qship View Post
Whitin 500 metrs of driving my 135i after the X1 knew that I would not be buying a diesel anything. The looks I am ambivelant about, but the relative crudeness of the drivetrain puts the X1 out of contention. So an affordable performance 4WD manual wagon seems to be missing from the market. The current Lib is fugly and a step back in interior quality and that leaves the errrr.......

Perhaps an A4 quattro, but again no manual with the grunty engines.
The auto is adaptive, and it actually doesn't take long for it to adapt to the style. I have owned three BMW autos and 1 diesel and one you learnt how to use it, it's a gem. It's a bit hard to explain... but... may be someone else can chip in...

The diesel is a bit noisier, but it's probably just because the sound doesn't sound like the petrol. We had a 120D (and 1st gen) and I actually quite like the engine - once you are off the mark, I reckon it would keep up with the 125i . I would have bought the 123D instead for Adela if it was out at that time.

Still back to the X1 - it is too small...
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