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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Except the McLaren MP4-12C that has redline at 8.500 rpm, tell me what other turboed car has redline above 7.000 rpm? No other except M1.
ROFL. $265K MacLaren and $40K 1-M in the same sentence. Back from the fantasyland now.

Sounds very uninspiring even at 7000 rpm. Quite bland and boring much like a regular i6 sedan and X5 M.

It is hilarious to see continuously people in denial all along about the 7000 rpm redline and still believe magically it will be higher when there is zero reasons, proof or fact to support this other. The tach does not even go past 8000 rpm, for crying out loud. LOL.

This is a turbocharged car and already X5 M and X6 M are rev limited at 6800 - 7000 rpm. I can bet when the car is already sitting on the lot, people would still be saying BMW has a secret plan to update the redline to 8000 rpm at the 1200 mile service.

There is no way the redline will be higher than 7000 rpm since it would defeat the purpose. BMW put turbos exactly to moved away from high-revving engines, to cheapen the production costs, improve fuel economy, lower emissions and support the heavier weights of the car (F10 M5 at 4500 lbs, for example).

"Can't have your cake and eat it too".
""A great sounding, responsive, high-revving, naturally aspirated engine is part of the DNA of a thoroughbred sports car. No two ways about it."

- Lamborghini on turbocharging

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