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here is your Bank Robber video...

You have to use the facebook link and not the embeded link on you tube. Only use what comes after the = sign! Like what I highlighted bellow.

This video was pretty funny. You woud never see THAT on US tv bc the tv station would get sued by dumb bank robbers - who would try it after watching the clip! lol

Looks like RTL filmed this on an old US Army base. I wonder which one? I think the only ones I know that are still abandoned but gaurded/closed to the Germans is Hanu near Frankfurt. Anyone recognized those buildings? Plus they had an airfield their too at Hanu. Kitzgen was handed back to the Germans already - now its a regional airport. Humm....

The robber's get away cars:

Audi TT-RS tuned by MTM...
462 Hp with a top speed of over 300 kph.

Geiger tuned Challenger with supercharger!
520 PS but they said it handled very bad. Plus the traction control was lousy and bad handling with bad traction does not make for a good get away car!

Porsche Cayenne Turbo-S tuned by Tech-Art
550 PS normally but this one had 680 PS with 900 Nm of torque!
Used over 40L/100 kph! But.... it hualed all the gold bricks they could steal!

Polizei car: BMW 123d coupe tuned by AC Schnitzer
240 PS diesel.