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Tuning Stage 1

The Procede computer has three modes: valet mode which is a passthru mode (stock performance), map 1 and a more aggressive map 2.

I had my tuner do a power run on valet mode and map 2 before fitting any of the aftermarket boltons to get some baseline data.

Stock 135 coupe performance.

My 135 made 187.9 rwkw (252 rwhp) in the valet mode ~ stock on the Dyno Dynamics machine.

Procede Map 2 135 coupe performance.

My 135 made 234.1 rwkw (314 rwhp) on Map 2 on the same Dyno Dynamics machine, same day.

Evaluation of mod: Procede Map 2 135 coupe performance.

Ever wondered why your 135 felt stronger in the midrange after you added a Procede computer? Check out the difference in the stock and Map 2 curves above!

The peak numbers show an increase of 46.2 rwkw (62 rwhp). Relatively cheap horsepower gains and a massive area under the curve which you really feel in the seat of your pants.

Next will be adding the boltons and then another power run to see what performance changes they make.
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