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Originally Posted by TreDirtyFive View Post
I don't agree with this at all. I've driven in plenty of road course, autoX, and heavy timed events in all my cars (I know you have as well) I've driven plenty of GTIs..the MKVI, newest one, was really fun, frisky, and quick. Yes, it's FWD, but it just feels proper and screwed down. And, if I may say so myself, the interior is quite nice and class leading in its segment IMHO..seating is a little high and the suspension is a bit rough on the edges but it's handsome and sounds great for a four pot. boring, it is not. There's a reason why it has won many awards including "Car of the Year" for several well respected magazines.Oh, of course, it isn't a 135i but to hate it is a little immature to me but then again, it's all subjective, what do I know?? I don't need 700hp to have fun in a fact, the funnest car I've ever driven on a track was a 116hp miata with nothing more than an exhaust and intake.
I drove the MKv GTi, the newest ones had not yet arrived at the dealerships when I was test driving.

Hating/disliking a car is an opinion. It's not a measure of maturity. I've also driven an NC Miata. That was a lot of fun. It doesn't need to be fast to be fun. The GTi just didn't do it for me, personally, and you don't have to agree.

The Ford Fusion won MotorTrend car of the year this year. Does that make it spectacular? No. The Camry, Civic, and CTS have also won in recent years. All relatively boring, but not necessarily bad vehicles. These awards are ultimately meaningless.
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