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Originally Posted by MarkR171 View Post
I drove the MKv GTi, the newest ones had not yet arrived at the dealerships when I was test driving.

Hating/disliking a car is an opinion. It's not a measure of maturity. I've also driven an NC Miata. That was a lot of fun. It doesn't need to be fast to be fun. The GTi just didn't do it for me, personally, and you don't have to agree.

The Ford Fusion won MotorTrend car of the year this year. Does that make it spectacular? No. The Camry, Civic, and CTS have also won in recent years. All relatively boring, but not necessarily bad vehicles. These awards are ultimately meaningless.
It is also my opinion that it is immature, no? Agreeing to Disagree is great with me. One award for the Fusion is exactly what it award. The MKVI GTI is winning them left and right. Don't get me wrong man, I have the same car you have, with a tune, as well as an N54 (among a few other rides in the garage) so there will never be any love loss from me for the BMW world. I respect that you didn't like the GTI, doesn't ruin my day. Plus, I did say it was all subjective so need need to feel like your feathers were ruffled. I'm just a car enthusiast in general. Take it all with a grain of salt I suppose, it is a forum after all.
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