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Originally Posted by JimmyT View Post
I just traded up from an '08 R32 to a 135i and the difference is dramatic and amazing. The car is so complete as a small performance coupe and confidence inspiring on the road. The biggest difference is the car makes no excuses, and dosn't require a trip to an APR tuner to get Stage I to feel complete. DCT is very similar to DSG, but I don't expect to get a letter about recalls for the transmission any time soon. I love the torque band of the N55 engine, and with the DCT it feels like it is never caught in the wrong gear, just a solid thrust of acceleration when you stomp he go pedal. Remember that BMW is very anti tuner, so don't be the guy that loses his warranty when something bad happens! IMHO, the 135i is a superior performance coupe that will not disappoint you!!

Funny you mention that because I too traded in an '08 MKV R32 for a 135i 'vert. Although I don't have the DCT (just the regular auto), the shifts are still reasonably fast. Nowhere near as fast as the R32, but to your point about the recalls and then the awful jerkiness, I'm definitely a fan of the 135i's overall performance.

The R32 was definitely a lot slower, esp. on the top end. Not that it wasn't quick, but it just lacked the authority of the N54 engine. The exhaust, however, was better than in the 135i.

Yet, I still miss my R32. If I had more space, I would have kept it as a daily driver and used my 135i as a weekend car (which it pretty much is anyway). The R32's AWD would have come in handy this winter. My 135i will be staying in the garage for most of that time.