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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
The S4 is a nice car, I drove it before the 135, I just couldn't live with the size.

Engines seemed similarly powerful, I just felt more at home in the 1 series. But i think it was all down to the size for me.
Yeah, overall power should feel the same.
The S4 has more overall power, but with the AWD system and the greater weight, the 135i feels as powerful.

I don't mind the size at all as it handles it's size very well.
Compared to my E46 325i sedan and A4 sedan, I don't feel I gained anything from my 135i's smaller size. It doesn't handle any better than my E46 sport, nor ride any better than either of the sedans.
So, really, nothing gained by the 1's smaller size, not even better MPG.
There is one loss, the backseat space.
If a bigger car can handle it's size and give great handling, then it's fine for me. Longer wheelbase typically gives a better ride, and that's true cause the 3 rides better than the 1. My 1 rides very well, don't get me wrong, but the 3 sedan rides and handles better. I know some don't agree, but that's what I feel when driving them.